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Details Newton's 4th Law Becher, Weiß

Physics 101. Newton's 4th Law - for every reaction, there is a female over-reaction. His 1st law states that if an object experiences no net force, then its velocity is constant: the object is either at rest (if its velocity is zero), or it moves in a ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Portrait of M. V. S. Hunter.

Size Size of photo 4.8" x 6.6"  A.C.K. WareM. V. S. Hunter, Barrieter-at-law. He was born in 1913 and educated at Westmi neter School and Christ Church. This photograph originates from the International Magazine Services photo archive. IMS was a ...

123,05 EUR*
Details The Principles of European Contract Law and Dutch Law:A Commentary (Perspectives on Company Law)

The Principles of European Contract Law and Dutch Law The topic of harmonisation of European private law, and European contract law in particular, is rapidly gaining in importance. The topic is not only widely studied by academics and students all ...

36,00 EUR*
Details An Introduction To Constitutional Law (Clarendon Law Series)

An Introduction to Constitutional Law (Clarendon Law Series)

37,49 EUR*
Details Liberty and Law: The Idea of Permissive Natural Law, 1100-1800 (Studies in Medieval & Early Modern Canon Law)

Liberty and Law Liberty and Law examines a previously underappreciated theme in legal historythe idea of permissive natural law. The idea is mentioned only peripherally, if at all, in modern histories of natural law. Yet it engaged the attention of ...

50,38 EUR*
Details Pettet, Lowry & Reisberg's Company Law: Company and Corporate Finance Law (Longman Law Series)

Pettet, Lowry & Reisberg's Company Lawoffers a sophisticated and comprehensive overview of company law doctrine coupled with thorough analysis of the context within which the black letter rules operate. Company Law provides analysis of the theories ...